Subject: Re: City of Lost Souls

I've seen it before - noncontingent demoralization.

Desperate kids start hanging around empty fields past midnight all on their lonesome, just stepping here and then there kicking up dust with their boots... what they're waiting for is a human head to roll by and stop at their feet. Everyone knows what to do when a rolling head stops right at your feet - you pick it up and cradle it in your arms like a newborn. You take it to the general store and you get it a body, the one that's just right for it. Not too big, not too thin; unless the head's asking for it. They wander around the streets every night just hoping for the chance. Make a difference in the world. Can't blame them for trying.


But don't let that bug get in you. I know what you need - a shiny new piece. Take it everywhere you go. Take it to breakfast, take it to the gas station, take it on an airplane. Stick it right on top of your crotch, with a nice wet leather holster loose enough so you can feel the metal thud smack your thigh and balls at every step just so. Never leave the shackhouse without it, not even to grab the paper. Everyone's out for your neck.

You take a peek under the tarp cover of your old Bronco truckbed. Resting on cinderblocks, the tires and headlights torn out years ago. You peek under the tarp and what do you see? A whimpering bitch with a pack of blind puppy dogs suckling her stomach. Backed into a corner. She's staring at a rank hound in the middle of the truck bed busy tearing through some mess. Wet, blood matted fur. He jumps up and grabs another pup and the bitch yelps. You pull out your .32 steady and blast him in the back of the head, brain matter spraying a hollow thunk on metal.

The bitch stretches her neck and lifts the pup carcass between her teeth. You think she's thinking the kid's still looking for a tit. Your eyes flash to her ribcage ready to tear through her skin and she drops the body by the rest of the litter. One, two, three, four, five spring from her belly and devour the corpse.

TREVOR: Everyone's looking to get a leg up in this world, and they'll step on your neck to do it.


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