Subject: Ghosts


I’m not sure what it is, maybe the extreme humidity or just something in the water, but my virility is off the wall over here. When flaccid, my cock remains bulbous and dangles down past my already fully-loose scrotum. There’s a thin sheen of sweat that covers both balls and dick at all times, and when I lay down sideways and examine I can see the elasticity of the skin the covers my main shaft. When erect, I’m over 7 inches, practically 8 inches if I measure liberally. I’ve been masturbating by bringing my pelvis up to the rim of my sink and swinging my scrotum over so its lies flat against the cold porcelain interior, this completely amplifies sensation and from there my erect cock juts outward, taking up the whole diameter of the sink. I’ll emit minor grunts and give myself long, meticulous strokes until I launch around 5-6 huge loads of thick, milky white semen. Even once I’ve finished, I don’t feel the Drain I used to feel back home.

Perhaps one of the strangest experiences I’ve had so far was leaving Mos Burger yesterday. I got to the automatic glass doors and noticed a glaucous coating over the landscape outside. I assumed it was just me looking through dirty glass but once I stepped outside the haze and blur became even more potent. Once it reaches a certain time of day over here, there’s a greenish “murk” that enshrouds everything.

Some of the best looking people I’ve seen here are the lower working-class that dangle out of their vehicles or squat on the cracked ground chain smoking. There’s something extremely “sharp” about them. They wear loose-fitting, untraceable clothing and all have jet-black hair and cavernous faces with leathery skin.

I met Tim K. at “Woobar” the other night, where the lighting palette consisted of strictly blues, reds and purples. He knew a worker at the bar and we were immediately seated outside across from each other at a small table by the pool. We sat on top of enormous phosphorescent white seats that looked like hard-shell beanbags. Tim was immediately granted a pack of cigarettes and a lighter in a ceremonious manner. Each item was given to him by a different person and they all bowed and never made eye contact. We got a brand of beer called “Taiwan Beer,” which he said I would be drinking a lot of. Tim lives with the booker or promoter (can’t remember) of a club called Korner. It’s genuinely underneath the ground and he described it as a dark corridor. His friend from England, half-english & half-chinese, met us at the bar and wasn’t as good-looking as I expected. Tim told me a humorous tale of railing Ketamine at Woobar and repeatedly falling off of his chair. Molly is available too, both drugs are supposedly cheap here. No sign of Adderall, or any straight amphetamine. We all got in a taxi, glided through the neon streets, ate some cheap teppanyaki and drank more beer at my place. They were impressed by my music. I’m looking to make more night moves like this.

Ghost Moth (Hepialus humuli)

Currents supplements:
Healthforce “Vitamineral Green” (2 scoops a day)
Healthforce “ZeoForce” (1120 mg pure micro-reduced clinoptilolite mineral concentrate with the zeolite “cage” supposedly still in tact)
Healthforce “Digestion Enhancement Enzymes” (before any meal, I have them in my backpack)
Healthforce “Liver Rescue 5+” (2 capsules a day, maybe more depending on the night before)

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