Not Poor: Indications

Thoroughbreds sighing
Wax tears on candles
Chestnut shells
Lychee husks
Stacks of money, heaps of rice
Mother-of-pearl hairpins: abandoned
The jargon of orioles and swallows
Eddies of fallen blossoms
Songs sung atop a tall building
Books read aloud
Sounds of grinding medicine, rolling tea

Bitterly Poor: Scenes

A mountain magistrate transferred to the city
Being forced to make way for a small-town magistrate
Holding a function in the library
A small-town magistrate receiving guests
Flute-playing atop an ox
A mule braying in the village center
A villager shouting at chickens
A villager wearing new clothes
A beggar banging objectives to drive out pestilence
Folk music played on the single-stick drum

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