The effigy...
  No mother, 2 fathers: the hammer & the chisel.
  Or - the hand and the earth he works...
  We didn't ask to be here. We each take actions,
  And then there are consequences...
  And then...
  Like so much dust in the wind...

  The world we share
  The laws we follow
  The women we've known

  This is the world we share.
  These are the laws we follow.
  The eyes of a beautiful woman found in the blackest cup of coffee.

  Desert sediments.
  The marble under our feet, the clay packed by our hands.
  Linen on my back, like papyrus, and glass, from sand.

  The house of a princess built by her lover, the labor of man.
  The eyes of a beautiful woman.

  The heat weighing heavy, the work we perform.
  The eyes of a woman.
  Meet me at the old Mughal fort.

  There are things that exist above and before us.